Why Less Confidence Could Make You More Successful

Confidence is supposed to be key to just about anything. Over confidence is not good, but less confidence is good in many ways. Why?
Professor of Business Psychology at University College London, his research findings argue that a less confident person will be more successful than someone who is overconfident. His reasons are below.
1. Self Criticism
People with Low confidence are more likely to take constructive to heart and being very aware of their flaws, fix them.
2. Motivation
Low self-confidence will make you work that much harder, because you think you have a long way to go before you get there.
3. Modesty
Less-confident people are more likely to admit their mistakes and less likely to take credit for others' accomplishments.
In general take Constructive criticism seriously and recognize the Contributions of Others.

Constructive criticism seriously: Criticism: “You’re driving me crazy.” Constructive criticism: “You’re driving me crazy because you refuse to label the files you keep dropping on my desk.” Know the difference so you don’t take unconstructive criticism too much to heart, and then take what feedback you can from the constructive kind. Your co-workers will appreciate that you’re not only listening, but doing your best to improve.
If you want it–whether “it” is a promotion, new project or desk near the window–accept from the outset that you’ll have to work hard.
What You Can Do: Break your goal into smaller steps. For instance, manageable steps in “get a promotion” could be something like:
1. Write down all the contributions I’ve made to my employer
2. Research positions and salaries in similar organizations
3. Draw up a list of points to make with my request
4. Schedule a meeting
5. Get a great night’s sleep the evening before!

Recognize the Contributions of Others: Even if you’re not actively taking credit for someone else’s work, everyone always appreciates being recognized for his or her achievements. If anything, giving credit where it’s due will make you look good … as a team player.
What You Can Do: When you recognize the great job someone has done, compliment her. When someone else deserves the credit on a project, give it to them. Being gracious takes effort, but the more you do it, the easier it gets.
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