How to find a job for free?

    1.      Job fair
    2.      Social networking sites like LinkedIn, twitter, Google, Yahoo professional groups.
    3.      Check craigslist regularly but, don't post your resume
    4.      Post your resume in Dice, monster, ERP consulting (if you are ERP professional).
    5.      If you are a fresher, talk to your college mates, employment office. -- Spend time to fill out the requested details, No negotiation nor negligence. Give your best contact details. -- Again take time to fill out the details to receive contacts for right job you are looking for. – This is 100% professional site so please create a professional profile. As a free member you could connect up to 50 groups. My suggestion would be, connect groups related to your job not just for adding. Write professional comments; try to help others if possible. -- this is different from LinkedIn. This is very useful to know the current events. Create a profile and follow as many as people who can relate to your job. Be sure to follow the company where you want to work. Read about them, connect with employees. I have seen people handed in job just by their followers and responding to other professional article. -- This is a new career site for ERP consultants, so uploads yours if you are an ERP consultant. -- yes, I know you might be annoyed with the spams. Here comes a tip to avoid the spams: Apply to the one where contact details are given and if you know the company, then apply.

With respect to the groups, add as many as groups as possible and follow them. You could get details of many professional groups from Google, Yahoo etc…After all, adding groups related to your job and following them is one of the best ways to learn about your job and get the same. It’s like Knowledge for free, please make use of it. 
Following above all religiously would assure you the right job you looking for .!

Good Luck!

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