IT jobs: Stay technical or management?

People working in IT jobs graduate from technical school to become software developer, web developer, help desk engineer or even IT media guru. Some people will stay as technical and some move on into management to earn more money. You need to take extra course to move into management like PMP, MBA etc. and more important they should be good talker. They are cons and pro when u moves into management from technical.
Cons :
  • Need to learn something new and go back to school. They should spend time and money to learn management.
  • Technical skill will slowly decline.
  • Not everyone be successful when they move from technical to management. As I mentioned before, if you are good talker then there are chances you will be successful to manage people.
Pros : Suitable for the people who will be,
  • Mature, responsible, and eager to lead others.
  • Excited to talk to client and get new projects and manage the project.
  • Extremely confident to get successes.
  • Willing to travel a lot.
  • Willing to do whatever it takes to make more money.
 Think wisely, consider your family and take decisions.

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