What a trainee recruiter should know -practical fast training material

Recruiter detailed job Description:
1.    Get detailed job description from client. Talks to them know what exactly they are looking.
a. Like title, rate, duration, end client name, how many year exp
2.    Get all details from consultant.
a.    Full name
b.    Visa status
c.     Current location
d.    Two references
e.    Employer details
f.     How many years relevant exp
3.    Send your company MSA (sample master sales agreement) to resource employer to make sure payment terms is acceptable.
4.    Send Non disclosure agreement to consultant
5.    Do pre screening interview: Google some questions and u can manage.
6.    Check reference.
7.    Ask about background check.
8.    F2F / skype interview –check his availability
9.    Not to leave the contract in-between.

Where does u get requirements?
 Client: Get all details and send only match resume. Don’t send resumes unmatched.

Preferred vendor: rate will be less than getting from client. Working with sub contractors, carefully handle sending resumes. He may bypass us. Get non-disclosure agreement.

Vendor: try not to work. If u r working keep ur margin and track everything.

How do u source resumes:

  1.    Send mass email in Google groups, yahoo groups, LinkedIn and twitter.
  2.   Save all supplier / hotlist supplier email id in notebook and send separate email to everyone.
  3.   Keep regular touch with few who respond only ur emails. Call and talk to them about requirement and make them understand what u need.
  4.   Don’t disclose any info unless they are loyal to u.
  5.    Keep data in excel. Update regularly.
  6.   For ERP: erp-consulting is sourcing tool.
  7.    Try to get many GC and citizens, so there won’t be any layers.
 In General:

1.       Most important: work hard first 6 months, then the flow will come automatically.

2.       Be prompt and speed in ur work, otherwise someone will take ur resource and place.

3.       Let ur client and supplier know who u r what u want from them.

4.       Talk to ur client, about payment terms and interview result for immediate. This helps in     all ways to close one deal.

5.       Talk to supplier to send invoice correctly and with relevant data/proof to avoid delay in payment.

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