Aug 13th 2012 my first day as Blogger

Hello Fellows, this is my first day as blogger. I am very excited. Even though it is free blog, i feel like i have accomplished something useful. Thank you all (all -hahaha. there just me now) for reading this. See you almost every day thru by blog.

Let me know tell about me.

 After graduating masters in business administration and Human resource in 2004, I was on and off in agency recruiting. However considered it seriously 2011. And currently I work in a staffing company as a successful IT recruiter. Once I helped my sister understand the process of recruiting which eventually helped her in getting into right job. As an act of recreation, I started preparing documents for her to understand about the current job market, what are the difficulties recruiters go through and why job seekers could not hold their desired job. It was my sister’s idea to start this blog with the documents I created for her, keeping in mind that it would help others like how it helped her. Adding to the documents I wrote for her, I’m also supplementing useful articles in this blog that I come across about recruitment. Here I am with hopes that my blog would help the readers to achieve what they want in the recruitment world by understanding the IT recruitment process and the current job market.

Your blogger, Job enbloc

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