I started my day by starting a blog for me (personal) Then arranged 2 interviews for my work. Now it is 10.00am CST. The client rescheduled the interview two times this morning for two of my consultants . It is really headache to rescheduling interview, that's fine. This is part of my work. Little hard work with head ache, gives you closer.

Issue here : the consultant didn't like time change, because he has meeting at his office. But the client is free only at that time for today.

solution : If u want to close it soon, request ur consultant and accept the time for interview.

I made my consultant to accept by using my mkt words.
like : we need to close it soon. when u get chance do it, u may never know what Will happen tomorrow. he changed his mind and accepted. But he has to postponed his office (the current one) work.

Also note, you need to be fast when u work in recruiting. i will say this in all my blog mostly. this is very important in recruiting and in job finding.

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