How to use social media to get job

·         In LinkedIn, twitter, your contacts and followers should know that you are looking for job.

·         How: In your profile, under you name, add “actively looking for job”. Or post a comment.

·         Facebook: I am not a big fan of face book when it comes professional networking. But it really works for college fresher. Make your face book profile as private and Let your friends know that you are looking for job. Under Account, then Privacy Settings, choose “Friends only.” That way, an employer who Google’s you won’t be able to see the details of your profile, your photos, or your personal status updates.

·         Find information about hiring manager before interview. Knowing more about the person who’s hiring can help you tailor your cover letter to their needs and desires.

·         Hyperlink your resume: Add the URL for your Twitter handle and LinkedIn profile to your contact information on your resume.

·         Create more connections: It’s all about who you know, right? Don’t just use the connections you already have. Figure out who you need to know to land a certain job—likely the hiring manager—and make that connection, whether by getting them to follow you on Twitter by retweeting their tweets, or growing your LinkedIn network until they become a third-degree connection. Twitter in particular offers opportunity to connect with professionals who might not otherwise give you the time of day.

·         Use Google : If don’t like what pops up when you Google yourself (because you know an employer will Google you), create a LinkedIn profile. Fill out your profile completely and become active on the network. That will help push your profile to the top of Google’s search results, which means a potential employer will see what you want them to see.

·         Follow the company: follow the industry suites your career. Joining online conversations helps you keep up-to-date on the industry, meet helpful contacts, and showcase your expertise in your field. You may also want to network with other job seekers through weekly conversations like #jobhuntchat or #careerchat.

·         Seek out job search advice: All three of these networks are great places to find advice on job-hunting and mingle with other job seekers. Join LinkedIn groups that focus on job search. Follow career experts on Twitter, and “like” their pages on Facebook. That way you’ll get tips for your search even when you’re not looking for them. You can find U.S. News Careers on Facebook and on Twitter.

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