Impress Hiring Manager before getting job

Here are some points that I know, not to irritate hiring manager.

·         Don’t ignore application instructions. Be sure to complete all the mandatory data in application.

·         Wait for your call to schedule interview. If you are shortlisted for an interview, they will call you to schedule an interview.

·         Be flexible to schedule a phone / in person conversation

·         Stop after writing thank you note. Don’t follow-up, if they are interested in you, they will call you.

·         Arrive 5 minutes early for the interview.  Don’t be late or over early for the interview.

·         Be prepared for the interview. Interview answers, the cloths you will wear for interview and mostly Google the company, know about the company before the interview. Read more :

·         Ask questions which are appropriative for your interview. Read more :

·         Don’t call the interviewer, even if u call when it gets Voice message, don’t hang-up, Leave message.

·         When you get email or call regarding negative interview result, don’t show them your frustration. If you reply them with anger, you’ll guarantee you won't be considered for future openings there.  Every hiring manager knows what they are doing, so respect their decision.

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