I have great invoicing / time sheet story.

My consultant X who i subcontract with Y and Y subcontract with Z. Consultant X left the project due to some reason. Now client requested his to do remote job for which didn't copy to Y Company. Y company thinks X and me cheating them. Now i am in between both X and Y to solve the problem. X has to send his time sheet to Y, so Y can invoice us. Since X send his time sheet to Z , Z will be invoice us. Y will be looser and i will get bad name from Y.

X - is playing nicely. He wants more money in his pocket.

If there is no Y, Z will be paying more to him.

How do u handle consultants like this?

Don’t work with them --this is simple.

Work, but talk everything upfront and give him in writing. – Of-course this won’t solve ur whole problem at least solve 50% of tension.

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