What makes a smart recruiter

Just few reasons in general theory.

1. Resiliency
2. Continuous learning
3. Entrepreneurial mindset
4. Long-term relationship building
5. Equal treatment for the candidate and client
6. A networking expert
7. orchestrator with Common sense

All recruiter should follow this:-
  1. Care every client and candidate you deal with.
  2. Need to have incredible energy like machine.
  3. Be honest-- even it is bad news inform the candidate personally.
  4. Do what you say, keep up your words.
  5. Listen what clients and candidates says.
  6. Elephant like memory. Good to remember where candidate works and his salary.
  7. Have positive mental attitude.
  8. Makes candidates feels special.Talk to them, remember their wife, children names.

I think every recruiter should have this.  What do u think?

1 comment:

  1. Good One.... but the last point in which all recruiter should follow i feel we are getting to personal i believe.